APDeC Workshops

Sustainable future by design is a concept of design which purposely considering sustainability environment to develop better future. In order to develop the concept, a designer may face various challenges, especially in incorporating human factors into technology. As we all know, a technology may interact with human by their interface and experiences. Thus, to enhance designer skills on developing technology interface and experiences, APDeC 2017 organizes a series of a day workshop with 3 different topics that suits designers’ needs.

Event Rundown:
09.00-10.30 Workshop part 1
10.30-11.00 Morning coffee break
11.00-12.30 Workshop part 2
12.30-13.30 Lunch break
13.30-15.00 Workshop part 3
15.00-15.30 Afternoon coffee break
15.30-17.00 Workshop part 4

Research Method in UX/UI

In this workshop, designer will be upgraded their knowledge on research method in UX/UI as one part of improving their design of UX/UI. Understanding and selecting the right (fit / suitable) methods is surely an entrance door of a great improvement.
Pak Insap Santosa 1
Keynote Speaker : Dr. Paulus Insap Santosa & Dr. Emil Kaburuan (IDEAS-LAB Indonesia)

Schedule               : 1 November 2017

Venue                    : The Luxton Hotel Bandung

Design Thinking

Many times during problem solving process, a designer needs to escalate their creative, collaborative, and innovative skills. Design thinking is a method that will bring designer beyond that process. This method is very applicable on technology design, as well as: services, product, or system design.
Ravindra G 2
Keynote Speaker : Dr. Ravindra Goonetilleke (Director of Human Performance Laboratory, Prof. of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management HKUST)

Schedule               : 2 November 2017

Venue                    : The Luxton Hotel Bandung

Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint is an effective and efficient design methods, developed by Google, in producing a great design which answers user’s needs. It is called sprint for its fast (short time needs) and efficient. This interesting methods is very applicable for many start-up business, as well as designer.
Borrys 1
Keynote Speaker : Borrys Hasibuan (Circle UX, Google Design Sprint Mentor)

Schedule               : 3 November 2017

Venue                    : The Luxton Hotel Bandung