8 Hours Design Challanges

For you, undergraduate students, who are willing to manifest “A Sustainable Future by Design for Special Population” , APDeC 2017 is a right place for you to prove your problem solving ability, creativity, as well as to learn more knowledge about product and or mobile-applications design in a very fun ways.

Here your team (consist of 3 students) will directly face your users and have to dig their problems and desire. Based on that, a team have to design a specific products or a mobile-applications to answer their problems and fulfill their desires. The design shall be presented in minimum 2D low fidelity prototype. And, the most interesting part is that teams shall finish their work in only 8 hours.

So, what do you wait for! Gather up your team and register before 15 October 2017. The team shall consist of 3 students and multidisciplinary students are welcomed to register.

Event Rundown:
07.30-08.00 Registration
08.00-08.20 Opening Ceremony
08.20-08.30 Taking Photo (Documentations)
08.30-08.40 Brief for Regulation
08.40-09.15 Ice breaking
09.15-09.30 Persona User Presentation
09.30-17.30 8 Hours Design Activities
17.30-19.00 Showcase
19.00-19.25 Judges Panel Discussion & Entertainment Break
19.25-19.45 Winner Announcement & Closing