Keynote Speaker

1. Dr. P. Insap Santosa (IDEAS-LAB Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta)

Pak Insap Santosa 2

Education Background :
-Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering Dept., Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, 08/1979 – 10/1984
-Master, Computer Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, United States, 01/1989 – 04/1991
-Doctor, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 01/2000 – 12/2006

Award :
-Best Idea Innovation and Implementation Award, Republic Polytechnic Singapore, 2006
-Good Model Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada, 1995


2. Ravindra Gootenellike, Ph.D  (Director of Human Performance Laboratory, HongKong University Science and Technology)

Ravindra G 1

Prof Goonetilleke joined the Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management at HKUST in September 1994. After graduation, he worked as a Senior Ergonomist at the Biomechanics Corporation of America. His last appointment in the USA was as a Human Factors Manager and Researcher at the NIKE Sports Research Laboratory (1991-1994). He graduated with a BSc (First Class Honors) in Mechanical Engineering (1980) from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He earned a MS in Aerospace Engineering (1985) from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, a MS in Industrial Engineering (1984) and a PhD in Human Factors Engineering (1990) from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He was a Fulbright Scholar while pursuing postgraduate studies in the USA and the recipient of many scholarships and grants. He is an editor of the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomicsand a member of the editorial boards of Ergonomics in Design, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, and International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation.

-Research and Development engineer Brown & Company, Colombo, 1980-1981.
-Consultant The Center for Industrial Effectiveness, Buffalo, 1985-1989.
-Senior ergonomist, project manager Biomechanics Corporation American, Melville, New York, 1990-1991.
-Human factors manager, researcher Nike, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon, 1991-1994.
-Lecturer Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kowloon, Hong Kong, since 1994.
-Consultant Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, also Albany, Georgia, 1990-1991, General Motors-Saginaw, Buffalo, 1990-1991, Dow Corning, Inc., Kendalville, Indiana, 1990-1991, Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1990-1991, Ford Stamping Plant, Buffalo, 1988, Kowlooon-Canton Railway, 1996, Hong Kong Telecom, 1999-2000, Icon Medialab, 2000.
-Member editorial board International Journal Industrial Ergonomics, since 1999. Contributor chapters to books and articles to professional journals. Patentee in field.

3. Borrys Hasian (Google Expert in UX/UI, Google-Certified Design Sprint Master, Mentor for Google Launchpad Accelerator)

Borrys 1

CEO and Founder of Circle UX

Borrys is the first Indonesian to become Google Expert in UX/UI. As a Google Launchpad Global Mentor in UX/UI, he has been mentoring startups from around the world in Silicon Valley, under Google Launchpad Accelerator program. He’s trained in Design Sprint directly by Google Design Sprint team at The Garage, Google’s collaboration and innovation space, in Mountain View, California. He is a designer who studied Electrical Telecommunication Engineering and Urban Planning, worked as Lead Software Engineer, Product Development Manager, Head of UX & Design, and UX Design Consultant. He founded Circle UX – a design and innovation company based in Singapore that focuses on design and innovation coaching and mentoring using design sprint. His goal is to spread the love of design, teaching and helping people build products that people love, improving people’s lives one interface at a time.

-Google certified Sprint Master
-Design Sprints Ideation
-Emotional Design
-User Research
-Interaction Design